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Mythbusting: Concrete

You can lay concrete any time of year.
Concrete is a durable material, however, it won’t fully dry unless it’s poured in the right conditions. Laying concrete when the temperature is below freezing or it’s incredibly hot can prevent the mixture from hardening properly. For best results, we suggest doing it in spring or summer.

Concrete is impermeable.
Actually, concrete is porous – even the most dense types. This means that water and other substances (whether they’re in liquid form or vapour form) can pass through concrete. How long it takes for them to penetrate the material depends on its density, so water may seep through in just a few 1.

Concrete is always a gray color.
While concrete does start out as gray, it doesn’t always have to end that way. Mineral colours can be added to the mixture whilst wet and blended in to give the concrete a different colour when it hardens.

Concrete and cement are the same thing.
Although these two terms are often used interchangeably, cement is actually an ingredient in the concrete used for concrete paving. Other ingredients include water, aggregates (like sand and crushed gravel), paste, and additives.

JDG Paving
JDG Paving

Specialists in Drop Kerbs

The law concerning driving over the pavement to gain access to your driveway is a confusing and may be subject to change soon.

To ensure you will not contravene Road Traffic Acts in future, it may be necessary to install a dropped kerb outside your property. This will ensure you have smooth, easy access to your drive and will not have to drive over the pavement.

It is necessary to obtain permission from the Local Authority to have a dropped kerb installed. There are stringent rules governing who can undertake this work. Contractors have to be holders of a suitable qualification, hold public liability insurance for £10m and be approved by the Local Authority

JDG are fully compliant and have many years experience, why not contact us for a quotation? 

Highlight on Resin bound driveways 

If you are looking for your driveway to have a permeable, smooth and natural feel, you've come to the right place.

Here at JDG the Paving Experts Limited, we offer a wide range of colour and texture options, to either complement or contrast any adjacent surfaces. This huge selection allows for the creation of a truly unique resin driveway that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Resin bound driveways provide a beautifully smooth finish with no loose stones to migrate into other areas, making it ideal for adjoining lawn areas and is very low maintenance. Just the occasional power wash will keep it looking pristine.

We also supply many other types of driveway from the ever-popular block paved, resin bonded, natural stone and of course gravel or decorative stones. 

JDG Pavng

Highlight on Fences, Gates and Walls


If you are just replacing your rear garden privacy fence or looking for a whole new fence we can supply closeboard, featheredge, picket or post and rail fencing.


We can supply and fit side, hand, double and pedestrian gates in various materials such as metal, softwood, hardwood, engineered etc. A gate can be the finishing touch to your garden, giving your house kerb appeal.


We can build walls using materials of your choice, including: Brick (in a variety of colours), Natural Stone, Concrete Blocks, Yorkshire stone slabs or Bradstone (alternative reproduction stone).   

Highlight on Natural Stone Patios 

Natural stone is held in high regard due to its unique character, durability and attractiveness. With a broad range of colours, textures and patterns it is visually more interesting than man-made alternatives.

Natural stone is the eco-friendly choice for discerning buyers. It is non-toxic and lasts a lifetime. No chemicals are involved in the quarrying or fabricating and harmless to your property and health.

Because natural stone is quarried from the earth it is highly unlikely that any two tiles or slabs will match exactly. Many things affect the appearance; mineral deposits, temperature, underground springs and pressure received over time. These factors cannot be recreated in a laboratory or factory, making each slab totally unique.

Natural stone ages beautifully and over time acquires its own characteristics or patina. Unlike other materials it does not decay or rot, as such it is a sound investment that will last a lifetime and look good too. 

JDG Paving

Highlight on Block Paved Driveways

Block paving is one of the most perpetually popular surfacing options; it is made from various materials such as clay and concrete, offered in an impressive range of colours and styles, the design possibilities are endless.

Block paving is environmentally friendly due to its porous nature as its lifespan of approximately 20 years. Being a hard-wearing surface it is a great material for a driveway or patio. As it is unaffected by salts, frosts, oils and a majority of chemicals it is widely used in industrial sites.

Highlight on Resin bonded driveways 

If you are looking for your driveway to have a smooth and natural feel, you've come to the right place. Here at JDG the Paving Experts Limited, we are ready to give your driveway a beautiful resin bonded gravel look in a choice of colours.

We also many other types of driveway from the ever popular block paved, resin bound, natural stone and of course gravel or decorate stones. 

JDG Paving

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